CCTV Monitoring Service

Our CCTV monitoring service actively monitors your closed circuit cameras, which can greatly reduce crime and property damage that might affect your business.

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Designed to monitor all the closed circuit cameras in the client’s security system, our CCTV monitoring service protects businesses from property damage, theft, and other preventable crimes.

There are many types of security on the market. You might find new and innovative technologies, but none of them are effective unless there is someone to monitor the video feed. In theory, the sight of a surveillance camera should deter criminals in any circumstance. The reality is additional measures are needed to protect high-value possessions and property.

Sure, you can find cheaper monitoring services. That doesn’t mean they’ll offer maximum protection. Our CCTV monitoring service is far superior to any type of security you’ll currently find. Customer service is also the best in the industry, beginning with a full consultation. We’ll evaluate your property, come up with the best camera system design, and stay on top of potential problems as the monitoring is continuous.

There are no hidden caveats. We do not outsource property monitoring tasks as other companies do to offer a cheaper price. Every property is monitored from within the United States to ensure the process is as secure and reliable as possible. Our service is designed to make security a top priority. Providing the best service available means you’ll never have the misfortune of criminal loss as a result of overlooked security. We do all we can to stay on guard and act quickly.

When a company experiences theft as a result of a security lapse, major decisions have to be made in short period of time. Our service provides the monitoring necessary to avoid such a calamity in the first place. Also, it doesn’t just end with someone sitting at a desk and watching the feed from your security cameras.

safe and secure

If an intruder is detected, we take action and call the police in your city, town, or municipality. Our live video monitoring service occurs in real time. A crime is observed as it takes place and the police respond immediately, arriving when the thieves or criminals are still there. The intruder might not even know the police have arrived when they try to escape.

A company with the experience ours possesses means it can communicate effectively with a local police dispatcher. The intruder is kept in sight at the same time. Accomplishing this requires a swift response and can only be done by a company with respectable knowledge and experience. There are no loopholes and no excuses needed because action is always immediate and swift.

Our CCTV monitoring service was created for business customers. As such, it has also been engineered to allow business to run as normal when there are no problems. We are committed to working with our customers throughout the process. Action is only taken at the most critical times. False alarms are not a problem, as we maintain a direct relationship with each customer’s burglar alarm company, and calls to police are eliminated under these circumstances.

Customers and their tenants have a reliable service and secure 24-hour access to their office or other property. We even remotely control entrances and exits. Our service is so precise it can let occupants in and out and prevent authorized people and vehicles from entering. Advanced components such as motion detectors and photo beam cells are also available. Feeds can be sent to our DVRs triggering an alarm on our end even if particular areas are remote or hard to see.

An entire property, not just certain points, is thoroughly covered and protected by our CCTV monitoring service.

In some cases we use outside motion detectors or photo beam cells that are directly connected to our DVRs to send an alarm directly to the CCTV monitoring service making hard to see areas or remote parts of the property, accessible to the monitoring station.