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A Video Monitoring Service with the Customer’s Interests First

A closed circuit security system is often the first line of defense against theft. If the surveillance cameras are just ordinary imagers, it doesn’t do much good either. There are some, however, with better features which provide a better deterrence to criminals than you might think. Oftentimes, people weigh price over function.

The biggest mistake when purchasing CCTV cameras is to not study the products or options available. It is also important to assess one’s requirements and whether the products on the market meet these needs. Being highly functional is just one piece of the puzzle. If a camera is to be installed on a window or a door, it must withstand the elements. Rain, snow, and even direct sunlight can damage a low-grade product. Seasonal changes can do a number on them as well. Choose a durable CCTV camera, and even a thunderstorm or small hurricane won’t be enough to take it out of commission.

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Performance is a Must

Choosing a camera based on performance rather than price opens the door to many possibilities. High-quality cameras take equally great pictures on a clear day, dark night, or cloudy afternoon. Your investment also needs to be protected. Factory defects, while uncommon, do occur and can be costly if you don’t have a warranty. Repairs or spare parts will be provided and you can get the most out of what a respected brand has to offer.

Surveillance cameras and systems have become more advanced. They can be wired or wireless. Operating such systems is also easier than ever before. At the same time, potential intruders may be fooled by a slim, camouflaged design.


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Security = Convenience?

If you think a security system will add to the daily burdens, think again. Touchpad controls make CCTV cameras easy to operate. There are also many different choices and configurations, depending on the application.

Our knowledgeable experts are ready to answer questions on the use and features of each product. Just ask and we’ll talk about performance, warranty coverage, and concerns such as power failures.

A long-term commitment to CCTV and video monitoring provides us with firm knowledge of the best brands. Some are known to last longer – we’ll be happy to let you know the right ones.

Best of all, we’ll monitor the security system you took the time and effort to invest in.

 Our superior video monitoring service catches the thieves red handed!